You don’t know what you don’t know about the database!

Critical data in healthcareOn Jan 7, I attended the Critical Data conference at MIT (an event coupled to the Critical data hackathon the weekend before). It was all about big data in healthcare, with speakers from both the medical and the data science communities, and from both academia and industry. Everyone agreed that there is great potential in the enormous amounts of data than can – and are – collected to improve the current healthcare system. Continue reading

Critical Data hackathon at MIT


Team Oxygenators at the Critical Data Hackathon at MIT: Luciana, Nupur, Yousuf, and me. Photo by Jennifer Joe from medtechboston; see her report of the hackathon here.

The weekend of Jan 3-5, I participated in the Critical Data Hackathon at MIT – a weekend that brought together clinicians and data scientists to make use of an awesome medical database called MIMIC (Multiparameter Intelligent Monitoring in Intensive Care). It contains 200GB clinical data from 40,000 ICU stays, with matched physiological signals for 7,000 patients – a lot of data to play with! Continue reading